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Streamax Solutions in Turkey: Commercial Vehicle Solutions Webinar
Time: 2020-11-19

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic being taken into consideration, a webinar that focused on presenting brand new Streamax solutions to the Turkish clients and partners was successfully held on 19 November 2020. The webinar featured clients from various industries, including car manufacturers, telecommunications operators, and GPS operators, etc.

Shortly after a brief opening greeting, the intelligent solutions of the taxi and bus industries of Streamax were introduced to the clients. New products, such as A8 and X3 MDVRs, Mask Recognition System,Crowd Monitoring System, and AI features like Driver Status Monitoring System, Blind Spot Detecting System, Advanced Driver Assistance System, etc. Additionally, successful cases where Streamax offered various products and services, provided tremendous value for clients, and generated an optimum closed-loop for increasing operational efficiency were also presented.


On top of the technical features and successful stories presented, Streamax also went into details about how existing technical difficulties such as installation heights were tackled by the technical staff. This further proved the determination of Streamax to overcome any technical obstacles, no matter the circumstances.

The webinar also covered what Streamax brought to the table in the promising cargo industry. New products, new technologies, along with market insights and case studies were presented to the clients to show how Streamax could manage risks, reduce accidents, and therefore lowering operational costs.


To finish the webinar on a high note, a remote exhibition hall tour was also conducted by Streamax. In conclusion, the webinar was a great success for covering in-depth technical details of Streamax's solutions and calling for joint efforts in building a brighter future of transportation with technology.


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