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Congratulations on the Grand Opening & Breakthrough of Streamax Japan Subsidiary!
Time: 2021-04-23

On April 9, the Japanese subsidiary of Streamax Technology officially opened. As an AI-powered commercial vehicle safety and informatization solution provider, Streamax Technology has been adhering to the corporate value of "Support and Commitment" and continuously building localized marketing service capabilities around the world with a customer-centric focus to help our customers succeed. The opening of our Japanese subsidiary not only means that the distance between us and our Japanese customers and end users is greatly shortened, but also reflects our determination to consolidate our market foundation, long-term development, and strive for excellence in the Japanese market!


Good things come together. During the preparatory period for the opening of the Japanese subsidiary, Streamax Technology has also made a major breakthrough in the freight industry in the Japanese market. We have signed a cooperation agreement with a customer (end user), and will provide the customer with the intelligent freight solution package consisting of an On-board Terminal System (X3) + Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) + Driver Monitoring System (DMS) + Safe Cabin System (SC). This project is Streamax Technology's first project in the freight industry in the Japanese market. We look forward to creating brilliance in the Japanese market in the promising future!


The following is a brief introduction of the solution:

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1. On-board Terminal System (X3)

The On-board Terminal System can provide services such as real-time communication/location, remote real-time preview, video data storage, vehicle operating data storage, speeding alarm, etc. for cargo vehicles, and provide efficient support for local data storage and remote online management of vehicles to help the industry tackle the issues of fleet management.

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2. Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) focuses on various emergencies in the driving process real-time, helping drivers predict risks in advance, and take measures such as braking and steering in time to avoid potential road risks.

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3. Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

In response to unsafe driving behaviors such as fatigue, smoking, phone calls, and distractions that frequently occur during driving, the Driver Monitoring System (DMS) detects various driving conditions of the driver in real time and issue timely alerts.


4. Safe Cabin System (SC)

The Safe Cabin System (SC) can detect and alarm dangerous driving behaviors such as playing with a mobile phone, not wearing a seat belt, and leaving the steering wheel with both hands through the intelligent surveillance cameras installed in the driver cabin.


The establishment of the Japanese subsidiary further demonstrates Streamax Technology's determination to provide high-quality products and localized services to global customers. In the future, Streamax Technology will continue to focus on core technology breakthroughs and industrysolutions, continue to strive to provide high-quality products and services to partners, customers and users from all over the world and various industries, and build a brighter future of transportation with technology.

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