Streamax is an AI-powered safety and industrial management solutions provider for commercial vehicles.


Public transportation is an important way to relieve urban traffic pressure, reduce environmental pollution, reduce traffic accidents, and improve the traffic environment. Streamax Transit Bus Solution solves most of the pain points of the public transportation industry from four areas: video surveillance, AI intelligent applications, passenger flow management, and intelligent scheduling. It adapts advanced information technology to improve bus operation efficiency and service levels, guarantee the safety of passengers and drivers, and optimized dispatch management.
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Technical Advantages







Platform Features

With one data center, six systems, unified standards, unified interfaces, and unified portals, the transit bus platform provides rapid response to customer needs and efficient management of data.

Blind Spot Detection System

The Blind Spot Detection System monitors the blind spots of vehicles, and uses AI vision technology to detect pedestrians close to the blind spots of vehicles, and strive to minimize the occurrence of vicious traffic accidents.

Passenger Count System

The Passenger Count System helps bus companies to obtain the actual number of passengers carried by vehicles and the distribution of passenger flow. Effectively improve vehicle operating efficiency and optimize the route management.

Intelligent Onboard Terminal

The Intelligent Onboard Terminal provides services such as real-time communication/location, automatic arrival and departure announcement, remote real-time preview, video data storage, vehicle operation data storage, speeding alarm and other services for public transportation vehicles, providing powerful local data storage and remote online management of vehicles to help the industry solve the problems of vehicle scheduling, monitoring and management.

Dual-Lens Advanced Driving Assistance System

The Dual-lens Advanced Driving Assistance System compensates for the blind spots in front of the car at close distances to focus on various scenarios in the vehicle driving process in real time, helping the driver to predict risks in advance, and take timely braking and steering measures to avoid potential road risks.

Safe Cabin System

The Safe Cabin System uses surveillance cameras installed in the driver cabin to alert the driver to abnormal behaviors such as smoking, making phone calls, fatigued driving, leaving the wheel with one/both hand, and not wearing a seat belt, so as to reduce such behaviors that could potentially lead to serious traffic accident. In response to frequent unsafe driving behaviors such as fatigue, smoking/phone calls/distractions during driving, real-time detection of various driving conditions of the driver and timely alarms are provided.

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