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The smooth flow of population and goods is the lifeblood of modern transportation and national economy. China has 720,000 passenger/hazardous chemical vehicles, 28 million freight vehicles, and a total car ownership of 44 million. The long-distance passenger vehicles, tourist chartered vehicles and hazardous chemical transport vehicles that can be seen everywhere on the road have always had bad driving habits of drivers, large-scale blind spot accidents, unfavorable industry safety management and stubborn safety risks. In 2019, the number of traffic deaths in China was 204,300, and 10,000 vehicles were paralyzed by 46.42 people, which is dozens of times the sum total. Road traffic is safe and a long way to go. Contact Us
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Technical Advantages









Flexible Integration

Streamax’s open API enables swift and seamless integration with other fleet management services to provide a unified user experience.

Anti-theft System

Regarding the oil product safety of oil-carrying vehicles and the cargo safety of freight vehicles, Anti-theft Systems can monitor suspicious approaching persons in real time through smart cameras installed on the side and top of the oil tank and issue alarms, and through the cargo door magnetic sensor. Additionally, temperature and humidity sensors are installed to monitor the status of the cargo real-time.

Blind Spot Detecting System

Blind Spot Detecting Systems can help the driver keep a close eye on the blind spot, and use AI technology to detect pedestrians close to the blind spot of the vehicle, minimizing the occurrence of vicious traffic accidents related to the blind spot.

360 Intelligent Surround View System

360 Intelligent Surround View Systems use the frequency coverage of multiple cameras to cover the surrounding environment and blind spots of the vehicle. At the same time, the system integrates AI machine vision algorithms. When there are pedestrians around the vehicle, it actively prompts the alarm, and the alarm is linked with the on-board screen. The on-board display screen will display the corresponding scene to provide intuitive prompts to the driver.

Advanced Driver Assistance System

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems focus on various emergencies in the driving process real-time, helping drivers predict risks in advance, and take measures such as braking and steering in time to avoid potential road risks.

Safe Cabin System

Safe Cabin Systems can detect and alarm dangerous driving behaviors such as playing with a mobile phone, not wearing a seat belt, and leaving the steering wheel with both hands through the intelligent surveillance cameras installed in the driver cabin.

Driver Monitoring System

In response to unsafe driving behaviors such as fatigue, smoking, phone calls, and distractions that frequently occur during driving, Driver Monitoring Systems detect various driving conditions of the driver in real time and issue timely alerts.

Mobile DVR System

Mobile DVR Systems can provide services such as real-time communication/location, remote real-time preview, video data storage, vehicle operating data storage, speeding alarm, etc. for cargo vehicles, and provide efficient support for local data storage and remote online management of vehicles to help the industry tackle the issues of fleet management.

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