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School buses facilitate young student’s daily commute, hence ensuring its safety operation is a top priority for schools, parents and education sectors worldwide. Targeting the baffling problem of school bus safety management, various different policies and regulations had been issued by governments globally. However, various kinds of heartbreaking tragedies endangering children’s health and safety never cease to happen. Streamax School Bus solution integrates front-end equipment with management platform and mobile app, aiming at utilizing the power of advanced technology to safeguard student’s journey every step of the way.
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Student Information Management System

The Student Information Management System manages students’ sign-in records. When a student boards the school bus and swipes his/her ID card, his/her sign-in information would be uploaded to the platform real-time, while the platform also supports quick search of the student’s information and attendance records.

Route Management System

The Route Management System facilitates dispatch management for school bus operation. Equipped with functions such as pick-up / drop-off location management, operation route management, and route deviation alarm, the system ensures the safety and efficiency of students’ commute experience.

Unattended Student Alert System

The Unattended Student Alert System aims at preventing the tragedy of students being left behind unattended. The system provides three layers of protection: student count alarm that signifies discrepancy between number of students getting on and off; driver’s check button; and interior motion sensor. When a student being left behind is detected, an alarm would immediately be uploaded to the platform for management personnel to take actions.

Mobile App Push Notification System

The Mobile App Push Notification System provides convenience and reassurance for parents by generating real-time push notifications through the mobile app. Parents could easily install the app to their smart phone and get notified of their children’s latest commute status.

Video Surveillance System

The Video Surveillance System supports real-time surveillance and alarms to ensure a safe ride for students onboard. Working in conjunction with front-end equipment, the CEIBA video platform facilitates functions such as evidence collection, video replay, automatic download, etc., facilitating the complete procedure, from prevention and recording, to post-accident management.

Stop Arm Capture System

The Stop Arm Capture System detects vehicles passing by the school bus while the stop-arm is activated. When the school bus stop-arm opens, any vehicles passing by the designated violation area will be captured, while the system also emits light and sound alarm to remind students. All the videos, pictures and license plate information of the violating vehicles will be uploaded to the platform, for convenient evidence management.

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