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Ever since the invention of hackney carriages in the 18th century, taxis have become many people’s first choice for public transportation. However, as modern life evolves, the convenience of privacy features of taxis are inevitably overshadowed by numerous underlying safety and operational risks. While the thrive of app rides poses serious threat to the taxi industry, the Streamax taxi solution aims at offering the one-stop answer to all of these obstinate problems. Rooted in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, the solution combines front-end equipment and back-end platform, effectively boosting management efficiency and service quality.
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Technical Advantages






Operation Management Platform

The operation management platform roots in big data and caters towards the essential needs of safety and operation management for business owners and government officials. The platform combines multiple functions, such as vehicle dispatch, video replay, data display, targeted risk management, and etc. The risk management function supports display and analysis of real-time and previous risky driving behaviors, while automatically generating risk reports. The system could even provide valuable references for pertinent government departments for enhancing their policies, to reduce accidents and improve public safety.

Multifunctional Vehicle Terminal System

The Multifunctional Vehicle Terminal System focuses on boosting passenger experience while ensuring a safe trip. The system facilitates convenient functions such as mileage and fare count, real-time navigation and communication, platform integration, dispatch and track replay. Safety is always the top priority. Hence, the system is also equipped with various alarm functions, such as express police alarm for drivers and passengers, speeding alarm, operation area violation alarm, etc.

Intelligent Video Surveillance System

The Intelligent Video Surveillance System facilitates the basic operation management needs of the taxi industry. Equipped with functions such as real-time GPS communication, long distance real-time preview, video data storage, vehicle operation data storage, driver face ID, meter violation detection and passenger counts, the system firmly supports all the needs of local data storage and long-distance online management for taxis.

Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS)

Targeting various complications of the modern traffic scene, the advanced driving assistance system identifies potential risks and emits forward collision warning, pedestrian collision warning, lane departure warning, and etc., assisting drivers to make the best decisions instantaneously.

Driver Status Monitoring (DSM)

Targeting risky driving behaviors such as fatigue, smoking, phone usage, distractions and seat belt omission, the Driver Status Monitoring System provides real time protection and assistance for drivers and sends out warning immediately should any risky behaviors occur.

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