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Streamax Italy Bus Solution Webinar
Time: 2020-11-05

On November 5th, 2020, Streamax hosted a webinar that covered the latest solution details of its bus solutions in Italy.

During the introduction, guest speakers talked about the great professionalism of Streamax in providing a wide range of high technology products, “which made a deep impression since we had first met five years ago. Until now we have almost 2,000 buses installed with Streamax solutions in Italy, and this number will continue to grow. We will continue to cooperate with Streamax to serve the Italian city bus market.”

Additionally, Streamax Innovation solutions, such as DSM, BSD, ADAS, and a new model of APC solutions--P3 were introduced; followed by the customer experience programme, guest speakers introduced the background of the their project for 1,400 MDVR systems, and how they chose the Streamax solutions. They shared a story of an advanced solution from Streamax, when bus ignition is turned off during the night, the Streamax MDVR is able to work with ultra-low power consumption and even some robberies on cash box were captured thanks to the digital video recording system. They also mentioned that the system is integrated with the central monitoring facility of the Police, once the panic button is pressed, live streaming will be immediately transmitted to the alarm centre. The wide-view angle and the exceptional design of the camera are suitable for a variety of our bus and tram models from 8 to 18 metre length; and the simultaneous video recording from the front, right and rear sides and from the interior of the bus was hardly achievable before. 

Clients recalled the memory of when they first learnt about Streamax about four or five years ago, which was followed by 50 buses getting installed with a Streamax system. "Now we have 570 buses that are equipped with a Streamax solution, these buses are run by our operation centre where the CEIBA software platform is running 24/7 in the alarm centre. The integration of the intruder alarm and video surveillance system is very important, however it wasn’t an easy task to execute, but now we managed to get it fully implemented by our company and Streamax."

After the Q&A session, Streamax broadcasted an interactive virtual tour of their showroom from their headquarters, demonstrating many of their innovative solutions live, such as the driver fatigue system, driver distraction, driver mobile phone usage detection, blind spot detection system, etc...

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