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Automatically Passenger Counter

Streamax Passenger counter P2 is a professional Automatic Passenger Counter available for installation on transit vehicles including buses and rail vehicles which accurately records boarding and alighting data. Owing to its advanced technology and special design, it can adapt to different light, as well as accurately detect the entry or exit direction of passengers. Besides, user can connect the network or RS485 port to the mobile DVR, it helps operators seeking to improve the accuracy of reporting patronage as well as analyzing transit use patterns by linking boarding and alighting data with stop or station location. P2 can work as a standalone system or connect to MDVR over LAN or RS485 port for more features.

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  • Accurately records boarding and deboarding data; Accurate counting of passenger boarding or deboarding the bus

  • Algorithm iteration to improve accuracy

  • Support export and import parameter configuration

  • Support configuration file import and export

  • Remote upgrade and maintenance

  • Sensor with Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology

  • Minimum required outdoor lighting - 0 LUX for P2, 0.01 LUX for infrared sensor

  • Installation height: normal height - 2m~2.4m; special height - 1.8m~2m

  • Counting accuracy (no less) - 97%

  • IP66

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