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Automatically Passenger Counter

P3 passenger counter is a professional vehicle-mounted passenger counter with AI algorithm. It is able to accurately judge the moving direction of passengers and obtain the precise statistics of passengers boarding and alighting buses. At the same time, the passenger counter can synchronize the number of passengers to the host via the network interface and upload the passenger number to the platform through the host to enable analysis and statistics of passenger flow data.

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  • Support 1920*1080 @ 30fps resolution

  • Support WDR to meet demands of various vehicle running environments on image effect

  • Support auto exposure response algorithm, auto white balance algorithm and auto noise reduction

  • Support the passenger counting function based on deep learning

  • Suspended, Build-in, Side mounting brackets are available for different vehicle models

  • Build with RS485 port for third-party integration

  • Build with IO for door signal connection when using independently

  • Build with USB port for easy maintenance

  • Passenger counting accuracy can reach up to 98%

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