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Izmir Spoke Highly of Streamax Solution for their 3,360 Taxis
Time: 2022-07-07

Located on the Aegean Sea at the western end of the Anatolian Plateau, Izmir, the third largest city in Turkey, is one of the crucial industrial, commercial, foreign trade and maritime centers, standing as a historical city, tourist attractions and a military fortress. In such a city with dense crowd flow, the supply of taxi services dramatically falls short of demands.

Streamax established close cooperation with the Izmir Municipality and the local taxi association in 2019, paving way to carry out the transformation and upgrade of intelligent solutions for 3,360 local taxis. The project was unveiled in 2020 and has been in operation for two years, which has greatly improved the overall image of the city.

With the continuous development of the taxi industry and the passengers' ever-growing demands for ride experience, various problems during the operation process have taken shape in Izmir for instance, the basic pricing service of traditional taxis failed to meet the operational and monitoring standards of the entire industry; problems in terms of illegal car-hailing, no evidence of on-spot disputes, drivers not using the meter to carry passengers, drivers taking detours, poor service, and failing to review the driving process have occurred from time to time.

As an AI-powered solutions provider for commercial vehicles, Streamax effectively addressed the above challenges with its breakthrough technologies:111.jpg

The upgrade of the on-board AI platform can both help the local taxi operator achieve intelligent information management, and meet the daily operation requirements, to assist enterprises in improving drivers’ behavior. In addition, it can provide passengers with a high-quality and caring experience, promoting the improvement of service quality, enhancing the city image, and boosting digital upgrading of local taxi fleets. "On behalf of Streamax, I took pride in boosting the advancement and digitalization of Izmir's taxi industry, and will strive to provide advanced intelligent solutions for many more cities in Turkey. " stated Murat, Streamax overseas business development manager.

Tunç Soyer, Mayor of Izmir, spoke highly of Streamax’s role in boosting intelligent upgrade of Izmir's taxi fleet. "Turkey's most successful, modern, reliable and customer-friendly taxi system is in Izmir." said Tunç.

In the near future, the taxi industry’s focus will turn to the intelligent upgrading of riding services with the advancement of artificial intelligence and other technologies. Streamax will continue to setting the trend and striving for more breakthroughs in on-board intelligent solutions, closely integrating intelligent technologies and industry applications to realize safer, more efficient, and convenient public transport.

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