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Congratulations on the huge success of Streamax América Latina on Exposec 2022!!
Time: 2022-07-07

Congratulations on the huge success of Streamax América Latina on Exposec 2022!! One June 9th, the highly anticipated Exposec International Security Fair came to a successful conclusion.

Streamax América Latina office has achieved a bumper of harvest in both industrial exchanges and new bussiness opportunities. During the 3-day exhibition period, a total of over 500 attendees visited us and felt immersively impressed by our simulated bus cabin on site. Additionally, we also showcased our intelligent solutions consisting of on-board terminal system, ADAS, DMS, LE, school bus capture, passenger counting system, etc; and demenstrated our innovative products including dashcams, IP cameras, etc. 

Streamax and the Streamax América Latina office will continue to stick to innovation driven, working to provide more high-quality products and localized services to the customers in the region and beyond.

Special thanks to Adam, Cristiano FernandesRuy Thalacker, Geeker Chow, Tony, King and all the staff behind the scene for their hardworking to make all this happen! 


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