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Vehicle intelligent toll terminal

RT61Pro intelligent vehicle terminal is the use of vehicle level design, using ARM Cortex processor, running linux operating system, RF module compatible with ISO14443A/B protocol, support bus card, bank card, ID card, mobile pay and other credit card 1payment methods, support two-dimensional code payment, large capacity storage, The data is safe and reliable, integrated with 4G, Bluetooth, usb, RS232, RS485 and other communication interfaces, and can expand the interface functions such as GPS, switch quantity, temperature measurement module. At present, the product has been widely used in the intelligent transportation industry.

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  • 4.3-inch LCD screen

  • Industrial-grade ARM Cortex-A9 processor, running linux

  • Open interface to support secondary development

  • The unread card chip is a highly integrated read card IC for 13.56MHz and supports the ISO14443A/B protocol

  • Embedded two-dimensional Code payment, support code system 1D, 2D, can read PDF417, QR Code, Data Matrix code read depth of field 200mm

  • Integrated security IC suitable for financial environment, Support for EMV3.1 and VISA, MasterCard certification and PBOC2018 certification

  • supports 8-36V 

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