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X3NPro-H0404 is specially developed for mobile video surveillance and remote video monitoring, featuring high functional scalability. It is equipped with a high-speed processor and an embedded operating system, integrating state-of-the-art H.265 video compression/decompression technologies,4G/5G/Wi-Fi network transmission technologies, and GPS positioning technologies in the IT industry. It has license plate comparison capability, can realize target license plate very fast, and has large-capacity storage.
C27 is a professional ANPR surveillance camera with a resolution of up to 5MP. It has a high-performance chip that supports AI algorithm capabilities and can realize functions such as license plate capture and license plate recognition. It has a variety of lens lengths 8mm, 16mm, and 25mm optional, and has infrared lights to support normal work at night. It has a solid structure design and meets the performance requirements of IP67.
MiniC24 is a professional exterior camera with IP67 waterproof capability. It supports large wide-angle to cover a larger monitoring range, and has infrared support for night monitoring.
C6A is a professional in-vehicle monitoring camera, which can be easily installed by using stickers, and has a wide-angle coverage of the entire in-vehicle monitoring. With infrared function can work at night.
CP4 is a professional vehicle-mounted display that supports real-time display of camera images, and has image and voice reminders when a target vehicle plate is found.

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  • Professional ANPR System

  • Quickly and accurately identify license plates

  • 5MP high resolution

  • Mass storage

  • Super wide-angle monitoring

  • Real-time video, location, alarm

  • Professional Evidence Management Program

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