Streamax is an AI-powered safety and industrial management solutions provider for commercial vehicles.

Streamax LATAM CONECT 2023 in Brazil
Time: 2023-11-21

On November 21st, Streamax hosted a grand event —— Streamax LATAM CONECT 2023 in Brazil, where industry experts and partners came together. The event showcased Streamax's latest AI technology and cutting-edge industry solutions. Discussions on the future development directions across various sectors took center stage. Streamax, committed to being a guardian of traffic safety, looks ahead to delivering even more valuable solutions with pioneering technologies. 

Streamax was honored to have numerous industrial experts to be a part of this momentous event. We want to express our sincere gratitude to all our guests and partners for being a part of this Summit. Your presence has made this event truly special.

Let's have a deeper look into this grand event through the video below,Streamax looks forward to build the future of transportation with you together!


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