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Streamax is an AI-powered mobile safety and industrial management solutions provider for commercial vehicles.

What Streamax Did to Comply with GDPR?

As a provider of mobile CCTV and information system, Streamax has been fully aware of our role in privacy protection, we take our corresponding responsibility seriously and has embedded the privacy protection requirement into the processes of our daily business activities.

Streamax complies with applicable privacy laws globally including GDPR. Streamax will ensure relevant business activities meet applicable GDPR requirements.

At Streamax, privacy protection is a top priority. We take a cross-functional approach to ensure an efficient implementation. Streamax employees are continually trained on privacy compliance on a recurring basis, in which we take employee awareness of GDPR compliance very seriously, ensuring that every employee and partner covered by GDPR accurately and as needed for their functions and tasks understands data protection principles and strictly follows the applicable company’s regulations and processes.

Streamax products and solution adopts a few actions to protect privacy.

Section 1: Password

Streamax highly recommends users create a strong password of their own choosing (using a minimum of 8 characters, including at least three of the following categories: upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and special characters) to increase the security of your products. Streamax also recommends you reset your password regularly, especially in high security systems. We recommend the password to be reset monthly or weekly for better protection of your products.

Section 2: Video and Audio Recording

Streamax Mobile DVR provides different configurations of video and audio, including No audio recording, always audio recording and Only recording when there is alarm triggered. Users can decide whether to record audio with videos. And to protect privacy, No audio recording is always recommended.

Section 3: Permission Management

Streamax device software and platform software provide permission management for different users. On the device side, different users can have different access to device live view, play back, configurations. On the platform side, Admin user can authorize different users, and give different users permissions on fleet management, vehicle management, different permissions on platform operations. This can greatly protect the information of different users.

Section 4: Watermark

When downloaded videos are played back on platform client software, managing personnel might worry that the video has been modified. On Streamax CEIBA client software, we provide the function to check whether video has been modified. This will enhance the reliability of videos and thus the video can be used for evidence and important issue tracking.

Section 5: Log Management

On both device and platform side, all information including operations, alarms, exceptions, camera information will be recorded to ensure everything can be tracked. Log files can also be exported for easier checking. This feature can help IT team find exact reasons of exceptions and find what operation cause exact issues.

Section 5: Dynamic Mosaic

Streamax Dynamic Mosaic Solution is specifically designed to provide mosaic on drivers’ face, front pedestrians & vehicles on platform, API, mobile application, and browser to protect privacy information, which means, all display terminals can dynamically mosaic the privacy information. 


The dynamic mosaic function Comply with GDPR regulation, it can effectively manage video surveillance permissions and protect the privacy of involved important data subjects. 

Section 6: GDPR Certified Platform Software

With the GDPR certified platform CEIBA platform, evidence video can save essential videos for incidents, all management permission is under customer themselves, Streamax team will not have access to these data and Streamax will not use these data for any development.

At Streamax, GDPR compliance is only one part of the story. To us, privacy protection is not just a legal requirement. We will continue to evolve and refine our products and services to ensure privacy and security, and to minimize customer and user exposure to risk.

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