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22 million km without accidents ---- STREAMAX serves as a safeguard for Linde Gaz’s fleet
Time: 2022-03-30

The movement of hazardous chemicals has long been in the center of focus for the immense risks it carries. During the transportation of natural gas, the highest risk is associated with fires or explosions caused by ignition of the gas itself, which can cause significant property damage and injuries or even death. Additionally, the release of natural gas, primarily methane, which is a very potent greenhouse gas, harmfully contributes to climate change.


In June 2020, as part of a close collaboration with Linde Gaz in Istanbul, Turkey, Streamax provided efficient active safety solutions for part of Linde Gazs fleet involved in the transportation of hazardous chemical substances, based on the capabilities of the intelligent C6D dashcam, to safeguard its fleet. Based on the most recent data provided by Linde Gaz, the fleet involved has recorded 22 million kilometers without any accidents from the outset. We take pride in providing onboard safety systems to Linde Gaz, and will continuously engage in providing robust and innovative solutions to commercial vehicle fleet operators around the world.



We firmly believe that the number of accidents caused by risky driving behavior will significantly decline in the commercial vehicles segment in the near future. We have long been striving to build a safer, more convenient, and efficient public transportation environment, working to fulfill our mission and duty through the continuous development of AI-powered breakthrough technologies.

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