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Police cars in Berlin, Cologne and Stuttgart are strengthened by Streamax
Time: 2021-10-25


Picture: Pascal Yang, Managing Director of Streamax Europe B.V., and Chris Haberl, Managing Director of Haberl Electronic, signed strategic solution partner agreement

Haberl Electronic GmbH has become Streamax solution partner for police cars, thanks to the technology of AI-Powered Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR), over 1000 police cars in Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart, Dortmund etc. are being equipped with the latest AI technology to protect policemen and citizens.


Picture: Police cars in Berlin

Haberl, as a ‘battle-tested’ system integrator for police department in Europe, their experience in delivering high quality solution for video recording serves a crucial part for Streamax’s success. Streamax AI-Powered MDVR plays an irreplaceable role for Haberl’s solution as it ensures no evidence or footage would be lost during patrolling.

In 2022, Haberl and Streamax will continue the cooperation in delivering another 2000 units for police cars in Germany, and in the meantime, will be exploring other AI-Powered solutions such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition and Driver Status Monitoring Systems. We thank Mr. Haberl and his team for their excellent work in promoting Streamax’s solutions.

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Pictures: Streamax MDVR installed on police cars in Berlin


*Haberl Electronic GmbH - A steadily growing family company in Arnstorf, Lower Bavaria, specialized in the field of special vehicle construction. It’s a medium-sized family company in a growing industry with over 160 employees. Haberl is a reliable TIER 1 production partner for OEMs such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Haberl also takes on the expansion and conversion of vehicles for authorities, fire brigades and rescue organizations. This creates unique mobility solutions for its customers. Haberl’s 23,000 square meter company premises extend over three locations with a production area of almost 13,000 square meters.

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