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Traveling in Europe, things you don’t know about local transportation
Time: 2021-10-11

Written by Yuqing Nan


According to the European Commission statistics, in 2018, about 23,400 people in the EU died in road traffic accidents:

45% of the deaths were bus drivers or passengers; 21% were pedestrians.

The EU has always been concerned about road safety issues.

A regulation that took effect on July 6, 2021, requires safety features to be installed in all new vehicles.

Safety features such as smart speed assist, easy installation of alcohol interlock, driver drowsiness,

and attention warning, advanced driver distraction warning, emergency stop signal, reversing detection,

and event data recorder ("black box") can better prevent traffic accidents.

Avoiding the source of accidents is precisely the most effective way to reduce the incidence of safety accidents.

From the perspective of EU laws and regulations, their goal is to reduce deaths and serious injuries on EU roads.


As AI-powered mobile monitoring and industrial management solution provider for commercial vehicles,

Streamax Technology has been focusing on traffic safety since 2002.

Streamax provides a variety of products to meet customers' demands and needs.

Streamax Technology implements artificial intelligence (AI) to develop advanced active safety systems

such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driver Monitoring System (DMS), and Blind Spot Detection System (BSD).

These AI-powered active safety features prevent accidents by detecting high-risk events real-time and providing early warning,

thereby reducing traffic accidents, direct and indirect deaths, and insurance claims. The overall goal is to significantly improve driving behavior.

One of our features, the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) focuses on various emergencies in the driving process real-time,

helping drivers predict risks in advance, and take measures such as braking and steering in time to avoid potential road risks. Meanwhile,

aiming at cabin safety issues and improper driving behaviors such as fatigued driving, Streamax Technology provides its customer the Driver Monitoring System (DMS).

In response to unsafe driving behaviors such as fatigued driving, smoking, phone usage, and distractions that frequently occur during driving,

the Driver Monitoring System detects various driving conditions of the driver real-time and issues timely alerts.


One of London's latest road safety projects has commenced with Abellio adding the Fitdrive® to the driver cabs of their buses.

Fitdrive® is a solution based on Streamax's technology with additional features developed by Datik and FMI.

Fitdrive® was officially launched in September 2020 and is currently running on numerous buses in London.

The solution combines integrated telematics, real-time video analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI),

and driver psychology to provide a holistic driving management method specifically designed to reduce the risk of overwork accidents.

The predictive algorithm allows drivers to receive real-time risk level information of themselves to understand their alert level and gain greater risk and safety awareness while driving.


Not just in London, SAIS TRASPORTI Sicily, Sicily's leading bus & coach company in Italy has also chosen Streamax to be their solution provider since 2019.

Before the adoption of Streamax's AI-powered solution, the only way to collect the driving behavior data was from the passengersfeedback or complaints.

However, the feedback might have been subjective and incomplete. Streamax AI solution is helping SAIS with improved driving safety and standardized management.

More importantly, it has significantly improved driving behavior while enhancing the ride experience for passengers.

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