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Special Presentation at the Kyushu Economic Research Center
Time: 2021-07-29

Written by Yuqing Nan

On August 5, 2021, Streamax Technology's Japanese Subsidiary will hold a special presentation at the Kyushu Economic Research Center (also known as the KERC) in Japan, with the theme of the future of AI driving recorders. The KERC was established by the government and it is an official organization for industry promotion in Kyushu. This special publicity event serves as the affirmation and praise of our company by the government of Kyushu.

Two keynote speakers will present during the event. The first speaker is Mr. Koji, Japanese Consultant of Streamax Technology. He is also the Director of the Japan Driving Recorder Association and the legal person of a UK consulting company. The second speaker is Ms. Okada, Partner of Streamax Technology's Japanese Subsidiary. Their speeches will preach around the theme of "the future of AI driving recorders".


The future of AI driving recorder - How to use the new vision to play the performance of the recorder

In recent years, driving recorders are becoming very popular recently and are called the "third eye" of drivers in Japan. The demand for traffic accident prevention and automatic driving expects the driving recorder to play a more important role. Meanwhile, it brings business opportunities to artificial intelligence-based driving recorders.

Mr. Koji will explain how the linkage between communication and AI can make Japan's autonomous driving market a reality. At the same time, he will also introduce the current industry trends. Mr. Koji believes that communication and AI can lead to a smarter driving future, and AI-active safety equipment will become the driver’s third eye. At present, the market has developed to the point where more intelligent driving safety equipment must be adopted.

Ms. Okada will introduce some case studies of Streamax in a more vivid way to help the audience understand how Streamax's AI-based active safety solution works and the value it can bring to society. For instance, she will mention the new uses and value of AI active safety solutions, introduce the future active safety capabilities, and the active safety equipment based on AI functions. The development of AI technology will bring greater value to the industry, and industry technical personnel should actively participate in and accept new solutions. The presentation of Ms. Okada will focus on the value of Streamax's solution to the industry.

This presentation will have an audience size of 500 or more. The special presentations of this association are jointly funded and organized by the government of Kyushu, the Japanese cabinet, and the Japanese Ministry of Transportation. If you are interested in the content of this presentation or Streamax's products and solutions, please come and join us. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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