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Overview of Streamax Qingxi Factory
Time: 2021-03-25


The Importance of Quality Control


Machine vision (MV) is no longer new to us now. As 5G, AI and big data gain ground, MV has been applied in a wide range of intelligent manufacturing equipment. Since the second half of 2020 after the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been a boom in MV application. Amid the growing demand for intelligent transformation, domestic MV industry chain has been developing at an obviously faster pace.

Streamax’s own PCBA factory right focuses on improving intelligentization and automation. By applying MV to every PCB’s quality inspection, it can ensure the reliability, high performance, and stable quality of products.

“Our PCB production line is equipped with dozens of sets of automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment. Tiny as it is, an onboard PCB can consist of more than 3,000 elements, most of which are smaller than 0.4mm. As you can imagine, it is just impossible to inspect product quality with our naked eye, and the MV system installed on our AOI equipment will be very helpful in the process.”

According to Tang Shanliang, General Manager of Streamax PCBA Factory, Streamax has applied the MV system to the important process of PCB quality inspection, for example, whether a PCB is mounted on the right place, or whether there is any PCB missing. Every PCB must go through the link to maintain a high accuracy rate.

Proficiency Guarantees Quality


An advanced TQMS can help ensure product quality. Streamax has used the IATF16949 quality management system as a benchmark to build up a capability that can meet factory-installed quality requirements. Streamax has also been reforming the IPD process and fulfilling the CMMI Level 5 management requirements to ensure high-quality product R&D output. As a solution provider, Streamax manages and coaches its supply chain partners to improve quality together and ensure the stable quality of materials input. Streamax has introduced the ITR process through which the quality problems fed back by customers and users can be solved timely and verified in a closed-loop manner. Streamax has also set up a professional automotive electronics testing laboratory. Passing the CNAS accreditation in 2019 and the CMA accreditation in 2020, the laboratory has further strengthened Streamax’s product quality verification ability.

Streamax enjoys competitive supply systems represented by Total Quality Management System (TQMS)

and Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS).


Generally, operational security and digital transformation products designed for the transportation sector should come in small batches but various types, enjoy high quality and short delivery time and offer multiple variants within a short time. Based on these market demand characteristics and relevant technical standards and customer requirements, Streamax has established complete quality management and product quality guarantee systems and kept improving the production process through raising the manufacturing level.

Meanwhile, Streamax has developed customized ERP, PLM, SRM and IMS systems that are integrated and interconnected to provide customers with diversified and flexible product manufacturing services. And its information system and automation equipment system are also integrated and fully interconnected and can realize efficient intelligent manufacturing. Going forward, Streamax will keep optimizing its supply systems as it always does to offer higher-quality products and services for customers!

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