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Turkey Taxi Industry Revolutionized by Streamax Solutions
Time: 2021-01-24

Before 2016, the ride-hailing and taxi industry in Turkey was facing three major drawbacks: the sole dependence on taxi stands made it difficult for passengers to get rides in convenient fashion; the frequent detours taken by taxi drivers and the unknown additional fees resulted in awful passenger experience; the poor overall management at the industry level further deteriorated the relationship between passengers and taxi drivers.

In light of the ongoing issues mentioned above, in 2016, Streamax started analyzing the overall characteristics and major pain points of the Turkish taxi market, while communicating extensively with local taxi associations to gather industry information in order to create an intelligent and localized solution. In 2017, 5200 taxis were equipped with Streamax's devices as part of a pilot program. In 2019, the highly integrated Streamax Taxi Fleet Management and Surveillance Solution was officially released, gaining extensive public attention. Local media in various cities in Turkey described it as "the first intelligent taxi program in the country".

With the help of the Streamax Taxi Fleet Management and Surveillance Solution, passengers could request taxi rides, check real-time taxi locations and fares and pay for the rides without contact on the mobile app. The taxi drivers also benefited from this solution because they could see the orders dispatched by the call center, view the shortest route to the designated locations and thus increase efficiency by getting and completing more orders. Additionally, the solution also included a complete surveillance system to eliminate the possibilities of detours taken by drivers or any unknown additional fees. Management costs of the government departments at all levels were drastically lowered and a healthy cycle that would benefit the passengers, the drivers and the government was established.


The ride-hailing and taxi industry in Turkey underwent rapid development in 2019. The Turkish government allocated a great deal of capital expenditures in developing domestic tourism, while maintaining the focuses on anti-terrorism efforts and service quality improvement. With multiple successful cases globally in the past, the Streamax solution gained the favor of the Turkish government. The company hosted product launch conferences and started installing equipment in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

Last year, as part of a pilot project, 18,000 taxis at the Istanbul Airport were equipped with Streamax's products. Integrated with local service provider EnTaksi, the Streamax Taxi Fleet Management and Surveillance Solution contained a wide variety of functions such as ride-hailing/dispatch, real-time pricing, monitoring, navigating and other additional services like advertisements. "This set of system that connects the taxi and the aviation industry, will be exemplary to the world. It shows our willingness to build a smart city and to improve the quality of our tourists."Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, commented on the project.

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