Streamax is an AI-powered safety and industrial management solutions provider for commercial vehiches.


Streamax C6D AI is an advanced dash camera with a built-in AI processor to detect driving events such as lane departure, forward collision, and driver behavior such as fatigue, distraction, smoking, and phone call usage. 

The C6D AI can alert the driver in real time of dangerous behaviors, and upload events to a monitoring platform to be reviewed by a fleet manager to aid them in coaching the drivers to reduce risk.

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Product Features
  • Supports up to 3 channels of video recording;

  • Built in AI event detection with ADAS and DSM capabilities(requires optional DSM Camera);

  • Harsh driving detection with 6-axis G sensor (Harsh Acceleration, Deceleration, and Sharp Turn);

  • Real-time in-cab feedback;

  • Dual SD card storage with dual stream recording (HD and SD Recording);

  • Built in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE modules;

  • Supports live streaming, video playback, and event upload;

  • Covered by one of more claims of the patents listed at patentlist.hevcadvance.com.

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