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Streamax is an AI-powered mobile safety and industrial management solutions provider for commercial vehicles.

ADAS Advanced Auxiliary Driving System
The high -level auxiliary driving system independently developed by Ruiming Technology can accurately understand the traffic information information such as too close to the vehicle, pedestrian testing, traffic indicator lights, and so on. Alert the alarm to effectively prevent the accident in a timely manner.
DMS driver monitoring system
During the driving process, when the driver is distracted, it is not focused, such as playing with mobile phones, finding things, and turning back to chat. It can trigger the system alarm prompts in combination with the dimensions of vehicle speed, continuous driving time, and driving time period. In addition, the driver can be tied to the driver's correct seat belt, fatigue driving, and the driver's identity recognition.
AEBS automatic emergency braking system
AEBS is an automatic emergency braking system, which is a goal that can detect vehicles and pedestrians in front. The warning can be issued in time to remind the driver that when the collision is about to occur, the driver will automatically use braking to avoid collision when the driver is not adopted in time to avoid collision.
Blind spot detection
In real -time monitoring the driver's vision of blind spots, and accurately identify pedestrians and non -motorized vehicles within the range of the vehicle's front, rear, left, and right blind spots, the system will be alarmed in time when judging the danger of danger to avoid accidents. It can be combined with the dimension of different levels to define different levels of blind zone warnings. In the actual use process, the blind zone detection algorithm is flexibly matched with different directions for different models and different environments.
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