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Streamax Technology 2021 The Comtrans Expo
Time: 2021-09-16

From 7th to 11th September 2021, Streamax Technology participated in the 16th international commercial vehicle show Pavilion 3, Crocus Expo, Moscow.

The event was a complete success. More than 260 Russian and International companies were showcased at the Expo

with their products and technologies and more than 19,300 people came to visit during the exhibition.


Streamax brought our latest product and solutions as well.

We have shown our latest product which integrates the function of the driver monitoring system, R-watch, and advance-driver assistance system.

ADplus is characterized by small size, low price, high performance, and can be widely used in various vehicles from large vehicles to light trucks.

Additionally, it is very easy to install and its all-in-one design can reduce the probability of drivers being distracted by too many devices in the cabin.

Visitors showed lots of interest in our products and solutions. They were very impressed by the work of the AI algorithm and its capacity. 

Nowadays, AI technology gradually penetrates various industries. In the trucking industry, AI technology usually provides great help in many sections. 

Functions such as face recognition, road risk detection, driving behavior Monitoring, and blind-spot detection

that we often talk about in the commercial vehicle industry are all generated based on AI algorithms. 

Its usefulness is wide and powerful, and the value it brings to this industry is beyond our estimation.


All in all, AI technology is very important for our product empowerment, and its strength has attracted many visitors to our booth.

Streamax will continue to develop and improve our solutions to contribute to road safety.

If you are interested in our products or solutions, please contact us immediately. And we sincerely hope to meet you at the next exhibition.

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