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Streamax Electronics Housewarming & Opening Ceremony
Time: 2021-08-09

On August 8, 2021, Streamax Electronics Co., Ltd. held a housewarming & opening ceremony at the Lihe Zijing Intelligent Manufacturing Center in Qingxi, Dongguan.

Streamax Technology President Zhijian ZHAO, Executive President Xidian WANG, Senior Vice President Lei LIU, Senior Vice President Jiye SUN, Vice President Ying SUN,

Vice President Wentao LIU, Streamax Science&Technology General Manager Shanliang TANG, Streamax Technology Domestic Marketing Center General Manager Cheng WANG,

Deputy General Manager of Overseas Marketing Center Heng LI, and Representatives of Streamax Technology R&D System, Mr. Zhanghua FAN, and Mr. Geng YUAN attended the ceremony.


Mr. Zhijian ZHAO, the president, gave an enthusiastic opening speech, expressing his gratitude to the friends and company employees who have given Streamax technical support and help,

and shared the overview and future development prospects of Streamax Electronics' intelligent factory with the attendants.

The president mentioned in his speech: "Today is very special for each of us at Streamax. It is not only an important milestone in the development of our company,

but also a key step in the construction of our Dongguan Qingxi Supply Center. The globalization of Streamax's supply has officially kicked off.

The automation and intelligent upgrades of factories begin, customers will get more timely and convenient delivery services, and our business will also be even more promising in the future."



After the speech by President Zhijian ZHAO, the ribbon-cutting ceremony officially began.


After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, management of Streamax Technology visited the Streamax Electronics Intelligent Factory. The completion and production of DongguanStreamax

Electronics Intelligent Factory and Dongguan Streamax Science&Technology PCBA Factory have laid a solid foundation for the production capacity supply of future development. 

The integration and interconnection of customized ERP, PLM, SRM, and IMS systems provide customers with diverse and flexible product manufacturing services.

 At the same time, integrated information systems and automated equipment systems are fully interconnected to achieve efficient and intelligent manufacturing capability.




Streamax Electronics' housewarming & opening ceremony was a complete success. In the future, Streamax will continue to focus on technological innovation,

continue to improve the quality management system and product quality assurance system, enhance product competitiveness, and export more high-quality products

to the market through professional and dedicated product development. We will uphold the corporate values of "Support and Commitment, Dedication and Resilience,

Innovation and Perseverance, Teamwork and Partnership, Diversity and Inclusion", serve customers and the entire society with greater enthusiasm, and grow together with partners.


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