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Saudi Arabia School Bus Project


On July 30, 2020, 449 school buses that were equipped with the intelligent Streamax School Bus Solution were put into operation successfully in Saudi Arabia. Integrated with comprehensive safety features such as Unattended Student Alert System, Driver Status Monitoring System, Blind Spot Detection System, Foward Collision Warning System, and Pedestrian Collision Warning System, the solution provided a one-stop answer for safeguarding students' safety on the road.

  • Technical means combined with manual inspection: statistics on the number of people + driver inspection + automatic detection of the remaining personnel in the car


  • Real-time detection of poor driving behaviors such as driver fatigue, smoking, phone call usage; timely reminders in the car + platform warning + personnel intervention, effectively avoiding accidens caused by poor driving of the driver.


  • When there are people on both sides of the vehicle approaching, the Blind Spot Detection System can recognize in real time and warn the driver through the in-car alarm. At the same time, the external sound and light alarm flashes and loudly alerts pedestrians in the blind spot to stay away from the dangerous area.


  • The Forward Collision Warning System detects the risk of lane departure and the collision of the preceding vehicle in real time, and prompts the driver to take safety measures in advance.


  • During reversing, detect whether there are pedestrians behind the car to help avoid reversing safety risks.


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