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Software overview

It is an essential and convenient tool for public bus to report station.The software can pack

all the information needed in a special format, such as route information, station details, MPS file(to report station), speed limit, service greetings etc..After the file is imported into the mobile DVR, it can report the station automatically. With this software, passenger can get off the bus in time when hearing station report.


Simple: click the mouse to set parameters

Fast: it takes less time to make route file.(There is a format for user to fill in the information needed.)

Intelligent: user can import the black box data, then mark the right station on the map to make the exact stop.

     Document Preparation: station report file(.csv format),black box data that is about the tracking file(.rbb format), station report file(the mp3 format)

     Basic information: to edit the rout name, to import voice file...

     Speech set

     To set different language to report station, such as Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian...

      Station set

     To import all the stations of the route.(There is a format for user to fill in the information needed.)

     Manage point set

     To set the parking place, service center, gas station...around the station

     Limit speed set

     To set the speed limit between different station

     List set

     User can set different voice files/message, for examples, user can set Merry Christmas when it is the Christmas holiday, or set Take care of your belongs when getting on the bus.

     To view the route details and listen to the station report

     Click export to download the station files.

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