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How to change the task in Auto-download software?
Please select the MDVR and click auto task, the system will show a window to show the existing task. The task can not be changed directly, but you can try to change it by another way. Please delete the old task and add a new task.
When WCMS Web Client analyze the GPS address, the system will shows: Type Error: Object expected. Why?
This indicates that the IE buffer is too much and effects the GPS address analysis in the report. Please clean the browser buffer.
During testing process, if you install WCMS server on the Win7 OS computer. It works normally but after you reboot up the computer and all the server do not work and shows: Please install server. Why?

It indicates that the server installer does not assign the authority to administrators. 

Solution 1: Please exit server. Right click on the server icon and choose run as admin to reopen the server again. 

Solution 2: Program --CMS server/server control, right click and then choose property---compatibility---privilege level and run this program as an administrator

Login the WCMS Client and the system shows: Runtime Error, Why?

Firstly, please do not use XP operation system for CMS. The recommended server is Server 2008. 

Secondly, please recover the data. Please find the repair.bat file in the folder Mysql in the cms server installation directory. Double click this file to recover the database and then reboot the computer.

After the installation of WCMS3.0, the server window shows WCMS and email server can not work. Why?
If the server is windows 2003 or 2008, please confirm whether the netframework 3.5 is installed or not and make sure this installation package in miscoft is opened.
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