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Can GPS and Video transmit separately on CMS?
Yes, GPS and video transmission can transmit separately. You can disable the GPS upload and video upload separately.
Which OS does CMS can run on?
For CMS, it is C/S (Client/Server) mode. For CMS server, we recommend Server 2008. For CMS client we recommend WIN 7 and the IE can support IE8 and IE9.
How to backup and restore the vehicle info and GPS data on WCMS?
During the process to uninstall the WCMS server, the system will remind you to backup the vehicle info and GPS data, then please follow the instruction. Or you can go to your server SATRT MENU --> CMS server --> Backup tool, to backup the vehicle info and GPS data, and you can use this tool to restore the vehicle info and GPS data to the new version too.
The MDVR device is showing online on the message server, but not showing online on the client PC?

Please check following points: 

1) When you add the vehicle on the WCMS (IE version), you will input some information including the Device ID. Please make sure the device ID here is correct. This device ID must be as same as the one on the message server. Device ID is different from the vehicle number or plate. Device ID is the only ID number that CMS server can recognize. 

2) When you login CMS client, you need to input the message server IP and port, please check the IP and port are correct or not.

The MDVR device is showing online on the client PC, but the client PC cannot get the video?

Please check following points: 

1) Please check the transmit server IP and port on WCMS Server --> Basic functions --> Vehicle Manage. Make sure the transmit server IP is correct and the port is 17891. Furthermore, please make sure the 17891 port is open. 

2) Make sure the network setup is correct. Check the settings from Start --> all programs --> CMS server --> Transmit network setup. Make sure the local public IP and video port is correct. Local public IP is the CMS server computer's IP address. It should be WAN IP for WAN (3G, device report to server's WAN IP over cable or WIFI) network, but not LAN IP for cable or WLAN network. The default video port is 7263 and it is configurable. 

3) Please check whether the sub-stream function is enabled on MDVR. 

4) If the bar on the video window is green, but no video, please check whether the graphic card driver is installed on CMS client computer. The other reason caused this problem is DDraw mode. Please try to change the mode from "C: Program Files (x86)  CMSClient dvrplus  providerrmmpeg4 set.ini"; open set.ini with notepad and change drawmode=1.

There is video on the CMS client and the vehicle is online on WCMS, why there is not video on the WCMS?

Firstly, when you login WCMS, the system will pop up one screen to install active-X plug-in. Please install this plug-in. If the system does not pop this screen please check the IE compatibility, maybe the screen is shielded. 

Secondly, please note that the Active-X can not be installed in Firefox and Chrome.

The MDVR device can not boot up?
Please check whether the power LED on the MDVR front panel is green. If it is not green, please check whether the power input is big enough for MDVR to boot up. The power input for the MDVR must be more than 12V/5A. Also please check whether the ignition is ON status and the hard disk caddy (if it is hard disk recording MDVR) is locked. Or try to press the POWER key on the remote control, or check whether the power supply is reversed polarity.
Why the WIFI module is installed but shows offline?

Firstly, please press enter key on the remote control and then the WIFI signal. If the signal is -95dB means that the WIFI module is detected by no signal. The normal signal should be from -3X~8XdB. 

Secondly, please check whether the WIFI parameter setting is correct.

How to upgrade the MDVR firmware by WCMS remotely?

Please follow the below steps: 

Step 1. Open IE browser on PC and input MDVR's LAN IP address (LOCAL IP/WIFI IP) and WEB port (GUI-SETUP-NETWORK-LOCAL: web port). 

Step 2. Install the pop-up active X. 

Step 3. Input the password which is used to access into the MDVR GUI. The default password is 88888888. 

Note: Make sure the PC and MDVR’s LOCAL/WIFI IP are sharing the same segment and the main storage (HDD/SD) are available on MDVR.

How to upgrade the firmware by CMS remotely?

Please follow the below steps: 

Step 1. Run CMS client, right click on green vehicle icon on left vehicle tree. 

Step 2. Choose upgrade on drop down menu. 

Step 3. Select firmware from local disk and click on OK to upgrade. 


1) HDD/SD must be available on MDVR for temporally save the firmware. 

2) When MDVR upgrading, please don’t power off the device

How to setup CMS intercom function?

Please follow the below steps: 

Step 1. Enable INTERCOM function on MDVR GUI --> SETUP --> CHANNEL SETTINGS 

Step 2. Run CMS client, and right click on green vehicle icon. 

Step 3. Choose INTERCOM in the drop down menu to start internal communication with driver. 


1) Laptop installing CMS client must has audio input and output.  

2) CP3 and voice announcer must be connected to MDVR. 

3) Intercom can only be initialized from center to MDVR device.

What is the difference between GEO-FENCE alarm (PC) and GEO-FENCE alarm (vehicle)?
GEO-FENCE alarm (PC) only effect to the PC that running CMS Client after The alarm is generated, will not effect to the other CMS Clients. GEO-FENCE alarm (vehicle) means that the GEO-FENCE alarm (PC) is uploaded to the MDVR device and it will be reported to CMS server, then effects to all CMS clients.
How to setup the GEO-FENCE for CMS and MDVR device?

Please follow the below steps: 

Step 1. Run CMS client and click on Geo-fence button on right-top corner of the main interface (on top of the video window) 

Step 2. Create a GEO-FENCE and Draw a closed curve on the map, then link to the vehicle 

Step 3. If you don't download to vehicle, CMS client will trigger alarm once vehicle come in/out of the fence. If you download this G-fence to MDVR, then both MDVR and CMS client will calculate and trigger alarm.

How to setup the alarm linkage on CMS client?

Please follow blow steps to add an event option, name it, and select relative response accordingly to pop up window, or play sound! Then for the alarm type, revise event option to the new option.

Set Up Alarm Linkage  Set Up Alarm Linkage

Why the transmit server stops and the other servers for CMS runs normally?

Usually this issue happens when the CMS license is expired. You can find the new license file in below link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g8366tq0fkinzwu/2014.12.01liscense.rar 

Please follow below instruction: 

1. Default directory is C:Program FilesCMS ServerTransmitServer 

2. Close the server, copy the licensee file to above directory, replace the old files 

3. Server could be used till December 1st, 2014

How many ports should be opened for WCMS connection?

1) Message port: 5556  

2) Web port: 7260   

3) Video port: 7263 (This is the port used to receive the video)  

4) Video port: 17891 (This is the port used to transmit the video)

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