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Which IP waterproof level does Streamax device support?
Currently, X7 and X5-III support waterproof IP 54. 
What will happen to the network transmission when connecting to the standard POE IPC of third-party ONVIF protocol?
1. N9M supports IPC real-time automatically adjusting network transmission code rate according to bandwidth. 
The IPC from the other manufactures on ONVIF protocol may not automatically adjust it. Generally it need to disconnect and reconnect the IPC after it change the code rate, which causes the network transmission stuck.
2.It also changes on ONVIF standard. Not all the IPC from other manufactures can directly use it. At one time we connect an IPC from AXIS, it need complex settings and firmware updating so as to connect it successfully. 
3.The network transmission has little effect with MDVR main device. If the IPC network transmission is not optimized enough, it will affect the final terminal display effect. MDVR is only responsible for transmitting the sub-code stream of IPC. 
Why there are two WIFI ports on the rear panel of X3-H0204/X3-H0402?
When initially designing the product, we used the 802.11ac standard solution for WIFI, which need two WIFI antenna. However, the current WIFI still uses 802.11bgn standard. One is reserved WIFI port. The two antenna ports have no difference and can be either selected. 
Why can not find the communication module after opening the cover and connecting Easy Check?
The device is in short of HUB resource. When the front cover switch on/off , the connection mode also switched, namely, when the cover is closed, it connects through dialing 3G/4G; when the cover is opened, it connects through Easy Check. 
Do X1-H0401 and X1-N0400 use the same hard disk case?
Yes, they use the same hard disk case. 
But the X1 series based on 3515 use hard disk case different from these X1 series based on N9M, while the hard disk cases are with the same outside design. 
What is the difference between M1-II and M1-A04?
M1-A04 supports dual SD card recording and built-in mirror recording. Without network interface on the main device, it supports RS232, but it does not support RS485; 
M1-II does not support built-in mirror recording, neither dual SD card cycling recording. With network interface on the main device, it supports RS485, but it does not support RS232.
What is the diagnosis mode of no recording?
Currently we have only one detection standard for no recording, namely, setting fault, which includs two cases: “Enable” not open; hard disk full. 
The first setting fault means that the channel has no video loss, the “Enable” is closed.
The second setting fault means that there are too many locked videos and not reaching the unlock time. 
What is the diagnosis mode of video loss fault?
Our device is currently with 4/8/16/32 channels. However, it is always the case that the customer only uses 6 channels of a 8-channel device and does not want the 2 channels not used to be reported. Therefore, we developed the video loss diagnosis mode to be only detecting the channels “Enable” opened and dealing it as a fault.
In mobile network, the signal of two antennas is better than that of one antenna?
In mobile communication system, the space wireless signal is transmitted and received through mobile antenna. Therefore, theoretically speaking, the signal of two antennas is better than that of one antenna signal.
In the ON/OFF of basic settings, the low voltage protection is 8V, why?
After testing, when the battery is lower than 8V, the voltage will lower down quickly. Therefore the lowest voltage is set to be 8V. When it is lower than 8V, the MDVR device will recognize it as external power-off and then enter into shutdown state.
How to solve the problem of the splash screen after the analog camera is connected to the main device?
Check whether the recording mode of the device is matched to the camera: the English version is NTSC by default; the Chinese version is PAL. 
Why are there no directional cues for inserting the card in the SD & SIM card slots on X3-H0402/X3-H0204?
On X3-H0402/X3-H0204 device in trial production, there is no silk-print of the direction for inserting SD/SIM card. Later on when producing overall devices, we will add the print for indicating users.  
Why can not we turn off the back cover when the X3 device is connected with 9pin power cord?
So far there are two types of Streamax power cords: long aviation-din (54mm) and short aviation-din (35mm). The current BOM samples in trial production are using 9pin aviation-din (54mm), which have already solved the above problem. Later on we will provide X3 device power cord which can solve the problem of the back cover perfectly fit with the main device. 
How to update the firmware?
Change the previous file folder name “dvrupgrade” to “upgrade”. Change the file name FWX15-0401-05-01-V01V01V01V491087 to RMMDVR_X5_III_T2014111005_convert
What is the login user name and password for new device?
The default user name and password are both “admin”. The device password can be set as empty. 
The X5-III communication supports dual modules. Do they need the same operator?
You don’t need to unify operators, however, the 3G and 4G can NOT use the same module.
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