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Why Mobile Video Telematics Systems are Replacing GPS Tracking Systems

Time: 2019-11-21

Currently, we’re seeing a shift within customer base, from standard GPS tracking devices to mobile video telematics systems.  Live mobile video telematics, having consumed a lot of cellular data, wasn’t feasible due to insufficient speeds and costly wireless data service. With the advent of high speed 4G connectivity and substantial reductions in wireless data costs, mobile video telematics is now becoming mainstream. 

Dash Cam Configurations
The reliable mobile video telematics system is the 4g connected dash cam. The beauty of dash cam systems is that they are fast and simple to install, with all of the electronics and cameras contained in a small footprint housing that is affixed to the vehicle windshield with 3M tape. Even the tape used to mount to the windshield must be specially engineered to remain secure under such temperatures.

Streamax is dedicated to providing series of commercial grade dash cam systems to business and industrial customers. These are exceptionally reliable products featuring high quality, all-aluminum construction, designed for longevity in harsh conditions. 

*Asingle dash cam – typically includes a forward facing camera. Additional cameras can be added later.

*A dual dash cam – normally includes a forward-facing camera and a driver-facing camera. If preferred, the driver-facing camera can be changed to a rear-facing camera that is 3M taped to the rear window, facing backwards or mounted at the back of a truck.

*A three camera dash cam. Normally, this would typically include a forward facing camera, driver-facing camera and a rear-facing camera.

Streamax AI Powered Dash Cam system works with the Streamax Mobile DVR and software could provide the following capabilities:
*Live GPS tracking
*Live 1080P Video Streaming
*Harsh Driving Behavior Scoring and Alerts with Video Evidence Uploading
*ADAS (Automatic Driving Assistance) Alerts & Coaching with Video Evidence Uploading
*DSM (Driver Safety Monitoring) Alerts & Coaching with Video Evidence Uploading
*Evidence Dashboard for Supervisory Review, Incident Reporting and Sign-Off
*Integrated WiFi for Supervisor In-Vehicle Review and Download

How Streamax Uses AI to Monitor and Improve Driver Safety?

Streamax systems include on-board artificial intelligence (AI) based video processing that scans the road and the driver to identify dangerous situations and risky behavior. The forward-facing camera focuses on the road ahead for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance) based exceptions and the driver-facing camera focuses on the driver for DSM (Driver Safety Monitoring) based exceptions. 

ADAS Compliance
*Lane Departure Warning

*Forward Collision Warning
*Headway Monitoring
*Pedestrian Detection

DSM Compliance 
*Driver Smoking
*Driver Distraction
*Smartphone Use
*Driver Fatigue

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