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MDVRs and ADAS: what offers the emerging video telematics market

Time: 2019-09-06

A short while ago, we explored the hidden rocks of the Chinese hardware market and highlighted the bestselling devices for you. Today, we will get you acquainted with the latest solutions by Streamax, the leading MDVR manufacturer not only in China but also around the world. Sergei Leuchanka, Managing Director in Americas at Gurtam, tried and tested these solutions firsthand and will give you a tour. For the next ten minutes, you will get a full picture of how to:

Video telematics is evolving, and so we are. We strive for making our platform as advanced as possible through integration new types of telematics hardware (including Chinese), providing monthly Wialon updates, and participating in large industry events on all continents.

You will have a chance to check on new devices and video solutions at our megabooths and during Hardware Expo at TelematiX where we will bring together hardware manufacturers from around the globe.

From Gurtam

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