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Curbing Unsafe Bus Driver Habits In China, With AI | Why It Matters | CNA Insider

Time: 2019-03-07

Streamax had done lots of research and discovered that many traffic accidents were not caused by high speeds, but from tiredness or losing awareness of the road.

At the beginning, driver felt that they were being watched,and that it affected their mood while driving.But since Streamax AI system has been implemented, there hasn't been a single accident, injury or death.

In addition, as we all know, there are serious blind spots when driving large vehicles. And Streamax found out that a lot of tragedies are most likely cased by these blind spot areas. Streamax AI is so smart that it is able to differentiate between people and objects.

Streamax AI system utilities image analysis to help the driver differentiate different kinds of people-bike riders, the elderly, children and even deliveryman.If there are people very close to the vehicle, it will alert the driver with a high-pitched sound.It will also send a warning light to people near the vehicle to tell them that this is a danger spot.

From CNA

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