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Streamax Test Center

Time: 2019-01-28

Streamax strives to become the worldwide leader in intelligent commercial car surveillance solutions. The safety and reliability of our products had always been our top priority. Therefore, the Streamax Test Center was born. The Streamax test center is a professional automotive electronics lab built under CNAS standard that can simulate all sorts of extreme conditions in the real world. Only the products that surpass the toughest testing procedures could go into mass production, representing Streamax quality.

Streamax EMC lab is built under international standards such as CISPR25 and EN55025, with a professional anechoic chamber that efficiently blocks electric signals to avoid interference. German authentication level receiver, along with high accuracy antenna and probe, carries out targeted tests of the external radiation emission and transmission of our products,to ensure our products’ compatibility and safety level.

Built under international standards such as ISO16750-4,our climate environment lab is equipped with multiple testing chambers, aiming at reproducing all sorts of extreme weather conditions in the real world,making sure that our products endure through these situations while maintaining their excellent performance. 

Streamax mechanical environment lab focuses on testing our products’ endurance through physical shocks and accidents. Built under international standards such as ISO16750-3, equipped with various mechanical testing machines, realistically reproduce situations such as turbulence, accidental fall, high speed collision and etc. Once our products pass the test, we can be sure of its stable performance on the road.

The electrical performance lab focuses on tests such as over-voltage, Superimposed ac voltage, starting characteristics and backward voltage. These tests simulate interferences such as pulses, static electricity and electrospark, to ensure our products’ stable performance during real life vehicle operations.

Equipped with an optical image measuring instrument,Streamax measurement lab can carry out three-dimensional imaging measurement for complex artifacts, providing the most reliable statistics for the design and reform of our products.

The salt spray lab is equipped with high-capacity salt spray test chamber, simulating the humid weather of seaside or insular areas, to make sure that the product or material under test will not be easily corrupted. 

Equipped with tensile machine, key life test machine, UV accelerated aging machine, our spare parts lab focuses on testing the quality and reliability of electrical parts and buttons and etc, whereas the UV accelerated aging machine makes sure that our products and surface materials can remain stable after long time of UV ray exposure.

The Streamax test center insists on the most professional and refined attitude towards the most impeccable quality control system. This ensures our products’ excellent appearance and performance, which defines the well-known Streamax quality within the industry.

Streamax, we pursue excellency for your safer future.

Click the link to view the Streamax Test Lab Video

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