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Camera system to be installed in all minibuses, shared taxis in Istanbul

Time: 2017-10-31

Camera systems will be installed in all minibuses and shared taxis (dolmuş) in Istanbul in order to lower the risk of accidents by ensuring safe transportation and tracking routes, locations and the speed of vehicles. 

The Istanbul Municipality said cameras would be placed in a way that would leave no blind spots in the vehicle as a part of a project developed by the Public Transportation Services Directorate. 
Cameras were previously placed in subways and buses as part of safety procedures. 
According to the municipality, vehicle tracking devices and panic buttons will be placed in all minibuses and dolmuş services, which will be under watch 24/7 by the directorate. 
Special software was developed for the system, from which the directorate will be able to receive information if an accident or an emergency takes place. 

License plate numbers, the time of the latest data sent to the center, the work duration of the vehicle, information on the driver and the last station the vehicle stopped in will be among the data received by the directorate. 
In addition, authorities will ensure the vehicles are following their routes and calculate the time it waits at stations. 

The cameras will also be helpful for the investigation of legal incidents, including terror attacks, and footages will be used during investigations to reach evidence and perpetrators faster. 
Drivers are required to book an appointment with the directorate in order get a camera installed in their vehicles. The installation processes will be carried out between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. 

Cameras were installed in a total of 85 minibuses and 87 dolmuşes. Authorities aim to install some 28,128 cameras in 6,460 minibuses and 572 dolmuşes. 
Meanwhile, the Federation of Women Associations of Turkey (TKDF) and Turkish Drivers and Automobile Federation (TŞOF) agreed to prepare “Domestic Violence Emergency Help Line” cards and will place them in almost 100,000 taxis. 

The women who call the help line will be able to get support free of charge.


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