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Product News: Streamax Automatic Passenger Counter P2

Time: 2018-02-25

General description

Streamax Automatic Passenger Counter P2 is specifically designed for accurately counting passengers entering or leaving public transport vehicles such as trains, metros or buses.

Adopting 3D Image Streaming technology, Passenger Counter works well under adverse environmental influences such as extraneous light, humidity, or dirt.What is more, the sensor is resistant to environmental stress such as vibrations and power supply variations.

Besides, the Passenger Counter can be easily flush mounted in the ceiling space above a doorway of a bus, train, light rail or other public transit system. The angle of the optical panel can be adjusted, too. 

Its accuracy is as high as 99% during normal time, and over 95% in peak period as well. User can connect the network or RS485 port to the mobile DVR, and transmit the passenger data to platform to have analysis management of passenger data.



Stable accuracy more than 95%

-Accuracy is over 99% in normal time;

-Accuracy is over 95% in peak period;

-Accuracy of Automatic Passenger Counter P2 is based on average accuracy of an actual vehicle count (in our recommended environment).

*Note: Accuracy may be a bit different depending on the installed environment and boarding conditions.

Easy Installation, can be installed with limited space.

Easy to maintain

-Supports remote upgrade, algorithm will be optimized from time to time;

-The system parameters can be imported or exported;

-Auto upload fault;

-Remote upload by Streamax Easycheck.









System diagram


Installation reference

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