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Video Surveillance in Public Transportation

Time: 2017-08-11

Video surveillance is a very common technology used in public transportation. It is largely used for security purposes, although it also has other uses and is a solution highly valued by staff and passengers. Streamax’s complementary range of mobile DVR/vehicle DVR and vehicle video surveillance systems help prevent collisions and accidents by assisting the driver whilst protecting workers, pedestrians and cyclists. Hereby, I will tell you what Streamax can help you.

On-board HD Monitoring (MDVR with 3G/4G, GPS,WIFI)

Streamax has a hybrid vehicle CCTV surveillance system, consisting of a mix of analogue and network/IP cameras in place. Currently, onboard cameras becomes more common. Besides, Real-time usage of video surveillance is viewing video live (monitoring) or using live video as a tool during an incident. Additionally video analytics can be added to support the detection of an incident. The vast majority of respondents is using video footage for investigation and evidence collection. HD Image quality is a key criterion for video surveillance in this case to ensure any evidence is valid in court.

Rout Management

The bus will automatically announce the bus station when it arrives the stop each time. So passengers will get off at the right stop and will not miss it. Streamax offers a program to mark multiple routes easily in a few seconds.

ITS Platform

How do public bus transportation company dispatch the bus? Make it on the paper manually? NO! It takes a lot of time to do such a terriblly complicated work and cause errors easily.Why not throw the job to Streamax intelligent transportation platform? You can do all the things via the platform. All you need to do is to move your fingers.

Vehicle CCTV video surveillance is a solution which is highly valued by staff as well as passengers. Public transport systems clearly intend to invest further in these technologies in the coming years, and the technology has huge potential to assist public transport organizations in real-time. We are in the business of saving lives and making things easier.

Streamax is a market leader of mobile DVR, with vehicle CCTV systems to suit all commercial vehicles and mobile plant.

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Exhibition: The International conference & Exhibition on public Transport (ICPTI 2017)

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Date: August 10-11, 2017

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