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School Transport & Safety Exhibition in Oman

Time: 2017-06-14

Streamax offers customers a whole video monitoring system for bank cash van. Connecting to any of Streamax sharp display monitors and supplying a visual aid to eliminate blind spots, Streamax video monitoring system prevents vehicle damage and reducing unnecessary costly repairs. Equip with Streamax mobile DVRs and identify unsafe, ineffective driving practices to improve driver performance. You can locate where the bank cash van is any time and check all the video of what is happening in the vehicle. If there is emergency, the staff can press the panic button to ask for help at once.

Streamax booth in Oman

Press the panic button when emergency happens


Streamax specialize in providing a wide variety of on-board video surveillance systems specifically engineered for tough and lasting performance in any school bus environment. Our suite of mobile video recorders ranges from rugged and durable DVRs, full high definition recorders, to Hybrid Video Recorders that support both analog and IP. All systems are equipped with wireless and cellular connectivity, and include sophisticated feature-rich software. Create the ideal video recording system and capture high quality views of on-board activity and exterior bus surroundings enhancing student and driver safety.

Streamax booth in Oman



All we have done is to safeguard you, yours and your belongings safe.

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