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Why choose Streamax mobile camera?

Time: 2017-05-08

Vehicle camera features

1. Wide dynamic range


2. Smart IR

With intelligent 2A algorithm and high sensitivity light sensor, the camera can detect the environment brightness, and adjust the IR light strength accordingly.


3. Low illumination


4. Color temperature correction


5. High light compensation treatment


6. Fast adaptation to the brightness change


7. Correct blur phenomena under low light environment


8. Avoid front windshield reflexes image


9. Visual range in driver room

Streamax offers a lot of mobile cameras to install and apply in public bus, school bus, taxi, truck, law enforcement with water proof, IR, anti-vibration...

1. HD mobile IPC

2. Mobile front view camera

3.Truck side view camera

4.Bus dome IPC

5.Vehicle mini dome camera

6.Bus water proof camera

7.Outdoor dome camera

8.IR camera

Click hereto view more vehicle camera

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